FS **SPF** SA Mastery Lines - MPX Stealth WF5F and Trout WF5F


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I have two SA Mastery lines for sale. Both come on spools and with boxes. Both were spooled on a reel but never used.

1. SA Mastery MPX WF5F - Asking $40 plus $4 Shipping

2. SA Mastery Trout WF5F - Asking $40 plus $4 Shipping (I bought the line new and it came on this spool with no label)

The lines retail for $79.95 plus tax

Shipping will be USPS 1st Class with tracking in a padded envelope. Please PM me with questions or interest. Sorry but shipping to the US only.

Thanks for looking

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Looks like both boxes say 5 to me. The box on the right is a bit less clear but looks like a 5.


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Thanks! Both are WF5F and I corrected the listing. Both boxes say WF5F although the creased box is hard to read. Both a definitely WF5F.
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