Browns in a high lake


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Fished a small lake yesterday that was at an altitude of around 4,200 feet (not an alpine lake, but up there). Had a good view of Mount Adams:


Didn't have much action at all till a brief callibaetis hatch started about mid-day that lasted about 20 minutes. Was pleasantly surprised to catch this 17 inch brown:


Landed another 16 inch brown that looked just like the 17 incher; both very colorful and looked like they had never been caught previously. Otherwise, no rainbows, Brookies or anything else. Was the only fly fisherman on the lake, although there were other gear anglers, mostly fishing from shore. Never saw or heard of anyone else catching anything, so it was a tough day, but how can you complain with a view like that?


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Browns are pretty rare in Alpine lakes in WA, I can only think of 2 that I know have them.
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If it is the same lake I suspect it is I fished that lake twice this summer teaching my kids how to fly fish. We caught nothing but rainbows. Knowing there might be Browns in there is kind of exciting to me. The amazing Mt. Adam’s view can’t be beat. I took more pictures of the mountain than my kids catching fish on the fly. No matter how I took the mountain photos it didn’t do it any justice. Just had to enjoy the billion dollar view in between netting fish and untangling lines. Thanks for sharing!

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