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Thinning out the lineup. All rods are in good fishable condition and I will try to get some pictures up in soon, also available by request. All rods have original tube (and sock if applicable). Prefer a local sale near Lake Ballinger, if shipped actual shipping will be added to price. Prices listed are OBO.

Additional items will be added as I sort through gear.

Custom Machined 1/2wt reel with backing - 9/10 - $65 (pictured below - line not included)

SOLD - G. Loomis GL3 8' 3wt 2pc - SOLD
SOLD - Sage SPL 8'1" 1wt 3pc - SOLD - tip section was replaced by Sage last year and I have the wrong cap for the tube.
SOLD - Orvis Trident mid flex 8' 1wt 2pc - SOLD

Trout spey shooting heads;
SOLD - Rio InTough Trout Spey 265gr #3 - NIB - SOLD
SOLD - Rio InTouch Trout Spey 305gr #4 - NIB - SOLD
SOLD - Rio Skagit Max Short 200gr - 9/10 - SOLD
SOLD - OPST Commando 250gr - 9.5/10 - SOLD

IMG_1472.JPG IMG_4840.JPG IMG_8690.JPG IMG_7809.JPG

Thanks for looking!
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Hi I'd like to buy the Camando 250. how much to pop in in an envelope and mail it to me in Australia? NSW , 2479 ? Pay Pal ok?

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Man, someone needs to buy that Sage DS 2 5 weight; having owned one, that rod is a dandy and is perfect for a slighter/smaller person or youth.

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