Kayak Paddle on a Float Tube?


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I have a pair of neoprene booties with hard soles I wear with over my waders. I think they cost about 20 bucks. I have had them for 15 to 20 years.
Ditto on the neoprene booties. I've hiked into Lenice with them. Not the smartest thing to do, but, they do protect the neoprene socks on your waders.


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From the world of WW kayaking:

Not cheap but much more compact than a 4-piece kayak paddle. Propulsion isn't the same as a full-on paddle either, but good enough to move a kayak reasonably well.


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thanks, I saw those force fins and bid on them but got beat out in the damn auction by $2! Upgrading my fins has definitely been the decision, been waiting on a good deal since about the original time i posted this now. Set on finding a deal on those Force Fin float tube fins, but not a lot of people selling them used. Way too much retail at $275

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