Trip Report Eastern Idaho

After years of going to Missoula, my dad and I decided to switch it up and head to some famous waters in Idaho.
The first day was quite humbling.. didn’t understand quite how technical the fishing was and felt bad as my dad doesn’t fish much these days. Despite this, landed a few beauties on day one.
Day 2 switched it up and went to a lake for a few hours, followed by a float down the famous Madison. At the lake the fish were feeding in pods, going after callibaetis that were hatching. Every time we got close enough to cast they would move just a bit out of our range, good reminder to practice my casting but did get a nice rainbow. There were some monsters that we saw feeding, they were smarter than us.


Floating down the Madison was more our speed - lots of fish on hoppers which I love.
Day 3 we hit a couple different spots- fishing was slow but had a couple big ones that got off.

final day was slow- but interesting fishing, with our guide sighting fish from a cliff and directing our casting. Despite not getting a fish during this it was a highlight for me.
1A690BCC-9BC0-403D-ABCC-6A44F5506869.jpeg F6AEC735-7B09-4E48-A18D-C9962A2C1B92.jpeg

the smoke ruined the views, but still a great trip.
98869178-2AB2-43F9-A641-D0FB71F18A59.jpeg F22A9177-466D-4D03-867D-8A4A4E2DDD83.jpeg 28B39847-24E9-4BA5-BC58-529A2DA1D15D.jpeg
precious time with my dad, won’t have too many more of these opportunities and try to cherish every second.

Bruce Baker

Active Member
Looks like it was a great trip and it was great that you got to spend time with your dad. I am slowly recovering from the loss of my dad a couple of years ago. He lived on the other side of the country and I did not get to seem him as much as I would have liked. It really hits me when something happens that I would have wanted to share with him or when I am wanting some advice. So yes, cherish your times with him!

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