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Hey, wait a minute. I am an old guy also. We know a lot. We just keep forgetting what it is we know.

by John Ciardi

"The old crow is getting slow;
the young crow is not.
Of what the young crow does not know,
the old crow knows a lot.

At knowing things,
the old crow is still the young crow's master.
What does the old crow not know?
How to go faster.

The young crow flies above, below,
and rings around the slow old crow.
What does the fast young crow not know?

Old Man

A very Old Man
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You had better rethink any answers I gave you. I prove myself wrong daily.
That had to of been at least 20 years ago, or longer. I got lots of power bait and a few jars of eggs found on the ground that at Hazel. Must of been dropped by people fishing wrong.


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You can just ask a few of the people on here if I know anything. I've helped a few cut down on their learning curve, I'm smarted than I look.
Just throwing one of your old taglines around. If Kerry says you're good, you're good.

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