Waterfall on blue line in wilderness

Greg Price

Love da little fishies
Following blue lines on map is fun. Last year while following blue lines out of Packwood wa I found a great place to camp up in mtn foothills.

So last Tuesday night I ventured up hoping to find a dispersed campsite. Score!

A trailhead nearby led into wilderness. I hiked in 2 hours on wed, then 3 hours Thur and was rewarded with most amazing alpine lake. I threw f
Dry flies got an hour total in 3 easy access spots. Not one rise it cruise by in the crystal clear water. As I was breaking down the 4 wt to re pack for trip back to tent, a big pod of fish maybe 10 to 14 inches started making splashy rises, some clearing the water. So tempting to go after them, but I did not want to risk solo hike with headlamp.
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Gary Thompson

dirty dog
That reminds me of a time when I just had to make one more case, then one more, and another.
The alpine lake was hopping with nice size brook trout 12" plus all over the lake.
They just didn't want any if my flies.
The trip down off the ridge in the dark had a very tricky spot or two.
One was a muddy ford, where I lost my shoe, yep gone forever.
Spot #2 was a drop off of a hundred feet or more.
Lucky for me I had my border collie with us. I put my belt on her collar and told her to take us back to camp.
Sense I live to tell the story, we made it back to camp, minus one shoe.

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