FS ~ sage sp graphite lv 590. 2 pc 5 wt fly rod ~ never fished or used ~


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Many thanks for looking

I’ve been slowly selling off some rods and reels that I never used or that I’m not planning to use any longer, I bought this SP 15 years ago from small shop in Maine, I have the same exact rod in a four piece that was my go to freshwater rod , this was a duplicate

The cork was replaced by sage last year, the reason was it became loose. ,, I was thinking of selling it. And noticed the cork was a little loose near the reel seat ..as always they did a terrific job.
It comes with the sleeve. No tube. ...the shop when bought it did not have the tube.
— this is about as fine a sp that you will ever find.
asking 389. Picked up New Hampshire. Or add 18.89. For shipping. And 5.00 for insurance. Many thanks Jim


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