NFR Logging a small slice. Am I part of the habitat problem? My chance to do right...or wrong

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Qualified timber faller here, call me for friendly fly angler discount on cutting. Will sort, stack and load logs onto truck also. Bigger discount if you share your best fishing spots. Basically a chainsaw wielding trout whore at your service

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Logging. To cut or not to cut.

Fishing Site related: Fish/habitat angle. I despise what logging has done to the northwest. And here I am with this situation I inherited, literally. Am I telling myself that if cut/thinned (do not think this little cut or the whole thing is true forest), that a cutting + replant will be great habitat for many decades ahead for the water and creatures?

Here is what fell into our lap. We have some acreage tucked into the coast, been in the family for 70+ years. It is timber/forest..sort of. Have never been there as there is no road to it, not far off a decent sized paved road, however. Mile or two in? Inland maybe 15 miles from the ocean. Cannot build there ever. All I know is that the old growth Cedar and such was taken off/stolen decades (50 years ago?) ago. All that was left was barren 40-ish acres of land. I think it has reseeded itself somewhat pretty well. Have flown over with Google Earth.

We get letters from companies every now and then offering us tiny $ for the land. I talked to one 5 years ago last. Went nowhere. $5k for 40 acres with timber on it? No way. Vultures for sure in that business. (all businesses, am sure).

A couple weeks back another letter comes in and I let it sit, finally I open it. The neighbors next to us on the property up there are a logging company and they are right now logging theirs. They say that we have a small area bordering theirs that they could cut trees up to a creek. I can see from Google Earth the creek might only be seasonal..not sure. They say that our little piece there has what "looks to be mature timber that looks to have significant value."
"If you have been considering harvesting your timber, this might be an inexpensive and excellent time to."

OK, I have made a few bad calls trusting people in smaller business things in life so I am fully prepared to think that unless cleared, most people are out to screw you.
I emailed them last week just to feel it out and they promptly said that they would send a proposal soon, that was Thurs, their forester needed to talk to me as well. Also, they said I should jump on a permit from the DNR asap.

OK. Being that access for me is pretty much zip-they have secured access from the North which must be from a slew of odds and end logging roads, I cannot get in to see. Plus, I have no idea what I am looking at.

I guess just running by folks here to see obvious rookie red flags, see a trap, anything that is typical logging company bs stuff? I checked the company online and they have been in the business decade and half, like all online reviews, they have all perfect then a couple of total clunkers saying to avoid. Like a 4.7/5 on about 15-20 reviews. No BBB info.

Assume the best thing to do is run a independent guy in there and check the property line and see what trees we have overall. Probably an expense I was not ready for.
This is on flat forest land, not headwater stuff, so that would ease my mind to cut. Not bird nesting season. The entire area near is logged in bits and pieces, not too bad. I'd have to read laws on slash burning/replanting. The cost, access to have that done and make sure I do not create a bigger headache than before. Very paranoid that I will miss something and make this a financial and environmental snafu.

Lots of stuff there and thanks if anyone made it this far.

Just a word or two if inspired to do so, thoughts would be fantastic of bigger things to watch out for. My one and only time on logging I think. But this opportunity came up pretty fast, also makes me suspect something odd is up?

Thanks for reading ! PM Is fine, appreciate any thoughts/criticisms

This may allow you to evaluate selective harvest in your own, new way. Go watch the Ted Talk " How Trees Talk to Each Other" by a B.C. forester/researcher. New knowledge for a more intelligent relationship with actually improving forests instead of living with sad and uninformed destruction of the eldest in the family. Kudos to you Falcon, for sensing that somethings are missing from your set of decision making tools. Hope I've been helpful.


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I have to say, this is a very interesting thread. I have spent a lot of my life in the woods walking/hiking/fishing/trying to get laid, but never thought about timber harvesting much. My only thoughts on the issue are "clear cut bad/selective harvest good". 95% of my woods time is spent in the East and I realize that the issues here are different than in the PNW, but having seen the results of clear cut logging in Maine (its simply cheaper for the logger to take everything) and its impact on rivers/streams & fish so I remain opposed to it.
There are grifters and scammers in every industry, so proceeding with caution and armed with knowledge is the best course of action.


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Check with the local USFWS office (Likely Lacey, if in Washington, Portland if in OR.)) and get a species list and ask them what their concerns might be. Maybe have someone check out the habitat to see if anything is likely habitat. Eagles, etc. could fall under BGEPA as well as MBTA. Plants are not protected except on private land but if anything did show up, maybe someone would by a conservation easement.

From a retired USFWS Biologist after 20+ years, mostly on the dry side!


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Just an update, have actions on hold on the forest parcel. Going slow and with Dustin's great advice, am working with a conservation specialist. The conservationist has offered to go up to the property this Winter with me and take a look and see what we can do to keep the forest intact and perhaps improve it in areas.

Thanks everyone for the input, kudos to MrChromers for his help!
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Dustin is an incredible resource...what a cool person. Sounds like your on the right track. I have done "some" tree stuff. The only thing I can add is beware of unintended consequences. Safe Travels. Ed

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