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I started experimenting with a new rig. My main goal was to have one rig for nymphs, dries and streamers. It has worked great so far.

- 40ft 30lb OPST Lazar (0.017in)
- Backing barrel
- 2ft 13.9lb Cortland Indicator Mono (0.014in)
- Backing barrel
- 2ft 0x Rio Powerflex (0.011in)
- Tippet ring
- 2ft 3x Rio Powerflex (0.08in)

- Visibility is awesome
- Turns over dries with authority
- One rig for dries/nymphs/streamers

- Lazar isn't quite as stiff as Chameleon and doesn't cast as well
- Slightly worse drag and sink rate

Using fluoro for the last 4ft would let you run a thinner diameter for the same stiffness, which would improve the drag and sink. I'm not fussed about it though.

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