Dash Point 8/6

I fished from 6:30 A - 8:00 A at Dash Point, from high tide to the first push of outgoing.

I did not bring any fish to hand, but I did get one take on a pink clouser. I saw something bust a school of baitfish, and a couple of other rolls.

The pier was very busy, I saw three fish caught there, one off the end, and two from near shore, these were fish that would have been within fly casting range.

There were four other fly anglers on the beach over the time that I was there. One guy caught a wild silver (and bonked it) but that was it.

I heard it had been a little more productive at Brown's Point, although I drove by on my way home and saw pretty shoulder-to-shoulder conditions.

It was an awesome morning for fishing Puget Sound, the first day of cloudy weather in so long, what a blessing to have been able to get out and stand under that slate grey sky, casting a fly.
Thanks for the report, I was there later in the day with my family scouting it out and it looked pretty good. Brown's point really looked fishy. We were there about 3 and no one was fishing and I didn't see any jumping. The pier at Dash must have had 70 people around 5 and I only saw a couple of fish caught, and one guy was cleaning a few. Looked to be pretty slow.
Brown's point is a great spot. With the park area you could even bring family while you fish. Keep in mind that the parking is very limited unless the gate is open. A month or so ago I went there about 9 AM on a Saterday and it was closed. The Brown's Point (something or other) club operates the place. They have a sign saying that the park opening at any given time is nothing you can count on.
I was out at Browns Point on Sunday morning. Man, I don't think I have seen this many fly fisher in such a small area before. There were like 30 guys out there and throwing 29 flies and one buzz bomb. Craziness !!!!
I went out to Brown's point Saturday nite and Sunday morning. Saturday I saw a few roll but there was so much salad in the water none of us could get anything. Everytime I Stripped in I had to clean my line and Fly off. there was a realy nice couple out there fishing and the this guy offered me a soda sure hit the spot ! Sunday morning it was shoulder to shoulder fly guys! dang I have never so many fly fisherman in one spot before. Everybody was looking at each other like as if to say who called the conference! I only saw two being caught and kept. I didn't catch anything but I am not really a Salt guy so I guess the fish gods weren't with me. the guy that caught the two fish just before he caught the second one he gave me a fly and no sooner did he do that he had one on. I had a really good time up there and the people on the south sound are totally cool. and to the guys at Puget Sound Fly co. thanks for the "Bozo" Shock and Awes! nice fly's ! I kept one for future use I know it will come in handy!

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