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This is the Once and Away fly which was originated by Hans Van Klinken of Klinkhammer fame. It is an easy tie and very effective. I tie using a light wire hook such as a Tiemco 2487 with the down eye, but some prefer the 2488 with the straight eye. Does it really make a difference? I don't know. I generally tie in two sizes 14 & 18, but on occasion (at gun point) have tied a 22. Some prefer to tie using a standard Klinkhammer hook, but I have found that the flies sink with heavier gauge metal.

In the examples below, the natural CDC is used both as the thorax and wing. The yellow fly (PMD/PED) I had only oiler puffs around and had to tie in an additional CDC feather in a post, as the puffs were too short. It seemed to work out well though

I have used these flies with good results on a number of different waters around the US. They work best in slow/medium currents, but I have not had any success in still water. It is a good "general purpose" attractor type fly and not meant to imitate any specific hatch and has worked in situations where small flies of various species and genus where coming off. The "new" Loon CDC floatant works very well with these flies.

If you look on you tube you can find a number of versions of this fly, but this old post is good and explains the tie a lot better than I would be able to:

Please note: I tie for the water, not the shadow box (not that there is anything wrong with that) and subscribe to the principle that if the fish like it, it is a good tie


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