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Greg Price

Love da little fishies
I used to travel puget sound on my job.

A side benifit was stopping in for local intel and flies at our local shops.

Last week I had to let a fish run in a wilderness stream waterfall plunge pool as I searched for pliers to de hook it.

The smart fish promptly wrapped my line around sharp basalt rock ledge. Not wanting to swim in icy cold water near sunset, I decided to break it off. To my relief, the fly line did not break, but my fancy ferruled leader did.

It was custome built by the Fly Shop in Lacey, WA. I called him up, gave him my 2 wt length and he took my credit card and mailed a new one to me. Easy P e a s y. Glad to have a replacement.

l love the furrelled leader. It had two years of rough use and saved me $$$$ in not having to buy tapered leaders 90017DD2-EAF9-4F93-A2A1-71E8E171328F.jpeg

Roger Stephens

Active Member
I have been using Bjorn's furled leaders for the last 10 years on all of my saltwater fly lines. IMHO they are the best leaders for fly fishing on Puget Sound since they will easily turn over heavy or bulky patterns. Plus they have a small ring at end of the leader which makes it easy to tie on new leader. I use 8 or 10 lb. mono ultra green since sea-run cutthroat and coho are not leader shy.

I use to tie my own tapered leaders but stopped doing that since the furled leaders are far more superior. You get a little added distance from them and they will last for almost ever.

Over 90 % of the time while fly fishing on Puget Sound I am using 5 or 6 top water patterns which have foam heads and are often bulky. A floating furled leader will easily turn over these patterns.


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