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I build custom, made to order fly rods and am curently taking orders. Build on your choice of blank including: Sage, R.L. Winston, CTS, Rainshadow, Tom Morgan and many more. These are custom so it is your choice from the ground up how you want to design it. Starting at $350. Price depends on the blank you chose. I also have several rods for sale that i will post here. Each rod is made with the very best components available! If you have any questions or would like more pictures of these rods or examples of my work i would be happy to oblige!
Thanks for your interest!

Saber Rod Company

9 foot 5 weight fast action, built on a top of the line CTS Affinity X blank, box elder reel seat, custom built and shaped cork grip chrome agate stripping guide.

9 foot 8 weight fast action, built on a Rainshadow Eternity 3 blank, anodized aluminum reel seat, custom built and shaped cork grip, eco coated snake guides, this blank is built to handle the salt.
20200627_142133.jpg 20200627_142449.jpg

8 foot 4 weight medium fast action, built on a Rainshadow RX-6 blank, custom etched reel seat with the length and weight. Custom built and shaped cork grip, blue and white agate stripping guide.
20200220_111311.jpg 20200220_111154.jpg


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