North Umpqua Fire

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There are people here who may know but has the military been called. Could sure use those resources. The Gaurd I know has provided manpower and resources in the past. Always seem like those in power wait too long to get the much needed help.
My sister's husband in in the army, stationed in CO. His unit is headed to California to fight fires. He's a heavy machine operator.


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Great resource (windy), thanks!

Looks like the declaration is specific to 4 fires: Almeda, Beachy Creek, Lion’s Head, and Holiday Farm?

And what does the declaration entail? Sounds like it states they need more resources. But doesn’t state where those resources would come from.
Essentially declares the entire state a fire disaster, allowing the Governor to use non dedicated general funds for fire fighting.
Multiple towns have been totally burned out, full evacuation zones around the state including our former house on the coast.
11 states on fire, and fire season is just starting.


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Rock Creek hatchery and compound along with most houses on Rock Creek road were lost yesterday evening when the fire blew up. Really terrible for the North Umpqua river communities.
There were spot fires around dogwood as of early Tuesday.
That means John Waite, Bob Burris, dogwood, etc all under major threat.
Hate to say it
To my knowledge, and I have spoken with as many people possible,
Everyone was able to evacuate safely.
I did hear that Joe Howell was away from his home and not allowed to pass the trading post 1 mile to get his dog from his property.

This is sobering news as it seams the fire stayed in the river valley for 15 miles.

(Archie- mile 36 , Idleyld store-mile 21)

I will be tying flies and trying to generate funds for my Umpqua family over the next weeks
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