looking for a steel driftboat anchor

anyone know somewhere besides montana where i can get one of those steel anchors that are a piece of 4 inch steel stock with smaller one inch pieces welded on my friend has one he picked up in montana they work great and i need to get rid of my old lead one thanx
I have found a anchor fabricated out of 2 to 3 foot lengths of heavy steel chain fastened by a stainless steel carabineer (a mountain climbing tool available at REI) work well. Fasten the carabineer thru the mid-link of each chain section. The weight can be adjusted by removing or adding lengths of chain. It’s inexpensive and is easy to make.


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Just some forewarning about the chain anchors. They do alot of river ripping verses pyramids that just drop and dig. Also, they have a tendancy to hang up a bit too. Plus you'll need a little more weight, since it wont be condensed, thus taking more weight to hold.

I'll see if my buddy still makes them. I've been begging him to make me one. I call them an alaskan river anchor. First one I saw was from a friend who was a guide in AK during the summer. He had one on his DB. They are great, especially in different conditions. Best way to do it (if you're talking same thing I am) is to get a 4-5" diameter steel pipe and bore a hole in mid cylinder. Put an O bolt and cinch thread in tight. Then have spikes (normally like trianglular blades going out from cylanders on BOTH ends). Then fill center with cement. Makes for a firm steady anchor that holds in virtually any bottom and retrieves easily (won't snag up like pyramids can in rocky bottoms). Only problem, he just doesnt' do much welding anymore, and usually when he gets home from work won't touch his tools. Don't blame him, hard to get home from work and do your work at home as well.

Will see what I can do, no promises though.

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Hi Tailwalker:

Hyde drift boats sells a 30lb version of what you are looking for that works very well. $59 plus shipping. They have a truck that comes over here a time or two a month and if you are willing to meet the driver you might be able to get around the shipping cost.

Their number is 800-444-4933 or www.hydeboats.com.

If you have any questions on their drift boats please feel free to e-mail me. They make an awesome boat!


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