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Finished Deep River and am now working on A Women Of No Importance.
I just finished reading Deep River. I'd tried to read it a year or so ago but all those Finnish names. I tried again based on your recommendation. The book was superb. Reading through a fictional but well researched book on early days of logging and fishing (and fighting and drinking) and the immigrant population brought back memories of stories my dad and grandpa would tell of early days on the Olympic Peninsula. I digress, Deep River is a great read.

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Glad you tried it again. My dad was born and raised in Hoquiam, so I was interested in the book. Yes, keeping track of the Finnish names was a challenge . A paper clip helped. I enjoyed the read.
Just finished Unsettled Ground about the Whitman massacre. My parents and both uncles went to Whitman. I found it a hard read due to the author skipping around. If you can stick with it , it is a good history on the western expansion. The Whitman party included the first “white women” to cross the Rockies.
The western expansion into the Oregon Territory was not pretty.
If you, or others, want the book, I’ll send it along. Not one I will read again.


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The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors, James D. Hornfischer. It is about the invasion of Leyte, Philippine Islands, October 17-25 1944.

Truly a tribute to the sailors that did their duty for their country and fellow sailors. God bless everyone of them.

Thanks, wetline

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An addendum for Rogue Heroes. British high command in North Africa were not only frustrated by this loose group of "rebels' but against their actions as they had little or no direct control nor oversight. They caused havoc on the north Africa coastal air fields and were a major problem for Rommel. Hitler literally hated them and ordered any captured SAS operatives should be executed and not imprisoned.

The SAS is probably the first special forces group formed and today is considered one of the most elite such groups in the world.

If you're old enough to remember the series Rat Patrol I believe the basis for this was the actions of the SAS.



40 Thieves on Saipan is an awesome book. About a platoon of Marine scout/snipers on Saipan during WWII. Those guys were no joke. The author is Joseph Tachovsky, his dad commanded the platoon.


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The Orenda, by Joseph Boyden - historical fiction. Excellent story set about 400 years ago, before the United States was even a dream. The Jesuits are just beginning to try and convert the Huron's, and the Iroquois are bad ass.

The Son, by Phillipp Meyer. Much better than the TV mini series.

No one here seems to read any sci-fi or fantasy?

Name of the Wind - Patrick Rothfuss. Excellent. Maybe he'll finish the last book in the trilogy before I die.

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