FS Aquaz waders XLT and Simms boots 14 SOLD


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I got these waders as "New w/out tags" off ebay last week... They are new, unused and too big for me. I am 6'2", 175, 34" inseam, size 14 shoe. The length is good and the stocking feet are rated 12-13 and fit me well enough. I think these would be good for someone a little bigger than me, maybe 190-250# or so.

I think these are an older version of the Kenai model. These are chest waders and appear to be very well made. They come with a bag, a belt and a repair kit.

SOLD shipped CONUS. Will ship to Canada too for whatever the cost is over shipping to the US.

I also have a pair of Simms wading boots, men's 14 for sale. These have been worn but are clean and in good shape, please see photos. They will come with the original box. SOLD


IMG_20200913_094619.jpg IMG_20200913_094733.jpg IMG_20200913_094807.jpg IMG_20200913_094834.jpg IMG_20200913_094846.jpg IMG_20200913_094921.jpg IMG_20200913_094929.jpg IMG_20200913_095009.jpg IMG_20200913_095017.jpg IMG_20200913_095029.jpg IMG_20200822_142406.jpg IMG_20200822_142419.jpg IMG_20200822_142504.jpg IMG_20200822_142528.jpg IMG_20200822_142545.jpg IMG_20200822_142610.jpg IMG_20200822_142707.jpg IMG_20200822_142807.jpg
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Steve Saville

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The waders are really good. I have two pair and have used them for about 4 years. I like the zip front. I prefer stocking foot but before my buddy died he gave me a set he had made into boot foot. Unfortunately, the boots dwarf my feet so i haven't used them.


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Surely there's a big guy out there who needs a good pair of wader for the fall...

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