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I don't find the Redington CPX tobe a broomstick. Maybe in the shorter versions, but not the 9'6". Sage Xi3's are a broomstick. Not a bad rod, but I think the tip is a little soft. that's all.

ok. Why we all like different sticks. Find the xi3 to be a good rod.


I think I would like them also in the lower weights, but I can't bend a 12 wt. Too old, I guess. I find that I'm much better in Loreto fishing my Hardy 11 wts. Of course, I haven't had a 50lb dorado on them. To each his own:)


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My point is if you had a CPS and broke it and they replaced it with a CPX, many people were disappointed with the replacement, including myself.

Sorry for the thread drift.....


Don't be sorry, a lot of the older rods are just as good (maybe better) than the newer ones. I think they achieved technological perfection a while ago and now it is just planned obsolescence. Once they started using the Nano resins, it doesn't make much difference except for the rod designers preference..


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For anyone else looking, Trident still has the 906 Radian w/ FB at a good price. Just picked one up. Thanks for all the suggestions.

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