North Sound Pilgrimage

I have Wed. to Sat. off this week and have decided this is a good time to visit the Islands of North Puget Sound. I love our own Gulf Islands and expect the American version to be similarly beautiful. I am looking for advice on campgrounds, preferably where I can drag my kayak down to the water and start my search for willing cutties and salmon. If anyone is interested in joining me over the next few days you are more than welcome. I also heard there is a Whidbey Island Flyfishing Club that meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month. Are guests welcome?

Of Course Guests are welcome! We're a freiendly buch here on Whidbey Island. Unfortunately there isn't a meeting this wednesday as we're having a fish-in and picnic this month.If you come back down next month in pursuit of Coho's by all means drop in and join us.

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