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A sincere thank you to the WFF Supporters! Especially while I'm coming up to speed in a new career, your support towards server & service fees is awfully nice. Thanks guys.

Privacy Clarification. The moderators / admin CANNOT see your offline conversations (PM's) unless they are invited to the discussion by yourself or the other conversation participants. If you would like a mod or myself to see a discussion, simple invite us to the conversation.

Moderator Changes. For now we're going to stick with Chris(myself), Billy & Josh as mods. Turns out, in order for Cam (steelhead) to work out as a mod I'd need to be actively supporting him to unravel some past stuff with other members. Right now I'm not in a position to do that effectively which isn't fare to Cam, so I'll say thanks for the volunteered assistance and maybe we'll revisit this in the future.

Maintenance. I've been cleaning up the forum which has included un-used accounts. Soon I'll be looking at discussions that can be removed, such as old NFR topics. I'll also have a look at the Media Gallery, which still sports 40K+ uploaded photos on it's own, outside of those uploaded to the forum itself. There are some gallery photos I can get rid of, and much I'd like to move from the gallery to posts in the forum, such as the 10 years of fly swap photos. I'll be running database queries again that can slow the site down on occation. Fyi.

Note. The cleanup I'm focused on has little to do with you guys, even if you have 100's of photos and 1000's of offline discussions. I'm really not concerned with your usage, not one bit. Please, no need to start deleting anything on your end. I'm cleaning up items that can make a real difference with the time it takes to complete backups, upgrades or database queries.

Forum Upgrade. The maintenance is in prep towards new software that will be available soon. There are quite a few new features already with this upgrade that I'm looking forward to trying out.

Talking out loud...
  • Besides WFF I own Obviously I never did anything with it but I've considered migrating towards to extend beyond WA. The site would look the same, but with the new software version I should have the means to effectively support multiple regions, without having to commit sub-forums to do it.
  • Presently I've got access to WFF restricted somewhat. If you aren't logged in you can see the forums along with their list of thread titles, but that's it. Trying to view the contents of a thread will prompt for login. I may leave it that way.
  • I've been wanting to migrate away from the usage of forum "ID" names, and towards verified identification with first and last names. I WILL NOT do that unless I can apply some common sense logic so that names are hidden from (1) those who aren't members, (2) brand new members by some measure, (3) google search, or any search spider, (4) perhaps other options to restrict the display of full names during posting, but not resulting in anonyminity.


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Thank you Chris for all that you do!

I’ve often wondered if there was something we could do on our end to post photos that are such large files like what happens when they come from our phone or iPad.

Maybe we could use our first name and middle name if it’s a problem with Google Search.
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One predictable consequence of tethering an online forum to real-life identities is that people participate less and only express opinions that they'd feel comfortable volunteering in front of a conference full of all of the corporate HR-directors in the world, because with online search capacities that's essentially what they're doing. That's true even if you take the steps you've outlined above, because the risks of are so grave.

Chris Scoones

North Bend, WA
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I know you guys will want the name displayed to be optional and it would be. It'll probably look identical to what's there today, still displaying the ID of your choice to the interwebz but under that user ID I'd like to display real names, but only to those who are logged in and verified themselves, and maybe over 100 posts or something. Names and addresses verified to signup \ use the classifieds.

The public, those who aren't registered or logged in, existing users not yet verified, would just see the user ID and not your names.

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