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It was written a few decades after my time (so maybe he went through it at the same time I did) but along with their faith, the wisdom and character contained in "All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten" by Robert Fulghum is what my Dad & Mom wanted to instill in me to live by and display to those around me. Personally, using my given name helps me be accountable to do that.
I have no concern controlling what I post and how I conduct myself on the internet (or in person, for that matter) - look at my posts here and you'll see I'm not anything close to a rabble-rouser. What I can't control is how people react to things or even what might trigger them (I might "like" a post that they object to and that could rub someone the wrong way). Some might call it paranoia - I call it an abundance of caution. :)

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Hard to imagine what the vibe will be like if/when WFF goes national, but it’s also hard to believe it’ll be the same. WFF is different now than it was 15 years ago and the world is too.

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Chris Scoones does a thankless job. He makes great choices and they are in accordance with his vision for a great fly fishing site.

Change is always hard. We hear that all the time yet we do not accommodate change very well. At least most of us do not.

Chris has a vision of making the site better. It may involve a change to our handles that we have for more accountability. I will wait until more information is available before I make my decision on greater visibility and if I will accept it.


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Talking out loud...
  • Besides WFF I own Obviously I never did anything with it but I've considered migrating towards to extend beyond WA. The site would look the same, but with the new software version I should have the means to effectively support multiple regions, without having to commit sub-forums to do it.
  • Presently I've got access to WFF restricted somewhat. If you aren't logged in you can see the forums along with their list of thread titles, but that's it. Trying to view the contents of a thread will prompt for login. I may leave it that way.
  • I've been wanting to migrate away from the usage of forum "ID" names, and towards verified identification with first and last names. I WILL NOT do that unless I can apply some common sense logic so that names are hidden from (1) those who aren't members, (2) brand new members by some measure, (3) google search, or any search spider, (4) perhaps other options to restrict the display of full names during posting, but not resulting in anonyminity.

I'd like to start by saying thanks for all the hard work you have put in to make this what I would consider the best fishing forum going. You've done a excellent job at keeping things going and keeping a lid on the BS.​
I do have some reservations regarding your "Talking out loud" thoughts. And though I may not be a supporting member I would like the opportunity to express myself.​
Point 1 I could in time adapt to and adjust I'm sure.​
Point 2 The status quo is great and mixed with point 1 sure why not.​
Point 3 Unfortunately giving up anonymity is a deal breaker. I cannot think of any real benefits to members of having our first and last name posted. As moderator you have my first and last name why should anyone else have it? So what if the decision is made to post names and a member decides to opt out will all post of said member be erased, or will all post of said member prior to leaving still be there with both first and last names attached?​
Point 3 is very upsetting for me and I know you were talking out loud Chris and maybe I am to. I have to remember put the horse before the cart. Thanks again.​


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Don't get me wrong - I truly appreciate how Chris and the other mods have made this such a great forum for all these years! It's been an incredibly civil and safe place, even with the tensions of this godawful year, thanks to both their tolerance and judgement, and to a generally reasonable bunch of members.

If by posting his thoughts, Mr. Scoones is asking for input...

My preference would be for a confidentially verified ID requirement for membership & classifieds, but keep the optionally anonymous forum handles as they are now.

While loss of anonymity may reign in certain kinds of asshats (who are shockingly rare on here), the problem is that it can also take bad behavior outside the confines of the website, and turn it into personal risk.
If AxeGrinder gets personally abusive to NoodleRod in the Saltwater forum, he gets booted. Neither knows who the other one is, Chris has their real ID so they can't just rejoin; game over.
If Jim Bob Smith decides he doesn't like Karen Dinglehammer's snooty dry-fly-only attitude, and Googles his way to her home address or workplace... that's a whole different, and potentially scary, ballgame.

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