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Sent on behalf of our program lead, Bruce Tyson:

Hello Fellow Anglers and Conservationists,

Like any other individual, business, student, or worker, Project Healing Waters has also had a tough year. Since March, all we can do is have “virtual” meetings – which we have been doing about twice weekly, tying flies or showing an educational video. We are still not permitted to meet face to face until at least the end of the year. Since much of our population is more vulnerable, our recovery program is quite conservative. Due to the overall situation, our fundraising has also been disrupted significantly. That said, perhaps our biggest annual fundraiser is coming up shortly. Our “Healing Saturday” is September 26. This is normally a time when we’ll get together at a local fly shop, have some raffles, and auction off gear in order to raise money, in addition to the online contributions that we get. We can’t do that this year. Online is the basically the only way we can receive funding. All that said, I would like to encourage you to go online and make a contribution. We have this set up now so you can donate directly to the JBLM Program. Just use the link below to donate directly to our JBLM PHWFF Program

It’s really quick and easy and you’ll know your donation will be used locally.

Thank you all for your support of PHWFF!


Bruce Tyson


Program Leader, Joint Base Lewis-McChord


Active Member
I wanted to jump in here and thank everyone for their continued support through the years. It has really made a difference in the lives of disabled vets.

As you know, this month is when we usually hold our two big events for the year; NW 2-Fly & Healing Saturday, where we give back and hopefully raise some donations to keep us going. PHWFF HQ does not give us a bag of cash and say go do great thing. Just about everything we do is funded out of money we raise. With all activities & events canceled since March, isolation, and social distancing, it has really affected our ability to reach out and inform people what it is we do. Anyway...

Thanks again for everyone's amazing support. Rest assured, we will continue the mission of taking care of our disabled vets, giving them a break away from themselves, and their daily struggles, through our core programs.

Very Respectfully,

Steve Balogh
NW Region, PHWFF

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