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Any comments out there on this manufacturer? I'm a first time buyer and I'm looking for comments on this particular brand. Thanks! :beathead:

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To my eye, the fit and finish doesn't seem as good as Clackercraft's but the guys who own them love them. They have a reputation for being rugged boats. What is their current hull warranty?
Awesome durability! I was told that they are no longer made like they use to be. Certain resins cannot be used anymore so they are now equivelant in strength to a Clack.
They do lack in storage space though. This and price are the only issues I have with Lavro. Other than the two issues, they are great boats.

I opted for a Clack due to more storage space,good looks,warranty and price value.

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Go check out the boats for yourself. Ron is the owner and it is located in Monroe right below the prison. Ron is an avid advocate for the fisherman and a great Trout Unlimited supporter. I know of no one who donates more time and money to help T.U. and fish. Check them out.


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They're bulletproof and "snake" over rocks better than anything else I've fished out won't slam into barely submerged rocks and wobble around like a bunch of potatoes in a soup kettle in a Lavro, that's for sure. Some people don't like how the floor flexes under you......I know some guys added some wood floorboards so they didn't feel that as much but all that does is add weight.

My suggestion would be to book with a guide who fishes out of one.....or find someone here who has one and will take you out and give you a spin on the oars. Ron Laviguerre is a great guy too.....I have a soft spot for him so I'm a bit biased........or maybe I just have a soft head.............. :clown:

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