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just saying it’s a battle that never ends,once they were retired to the couch the problem ended
I really wish I had the time to bird hunt, but she's always been a couch potato. She's a great dog, though and I really want her to have some relief from the irritable ears.

jesse clark

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We have had 4 Springer Spaniels and we have had a 50% issue with ears. The current dog has never had a problem in 10 years. Our last dog had a consistent issue. My lovely used a swab and an over the counter ear treatment. She cleaned and massaged his ears a couple times a week when it was bad and constantly checked them. It seemed like her constant attention kept it under control
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Jim Ficklin

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I had a Lab that had chronic ear issues. Fought it for years. Turned out she had some type of immune disorder which eventually was her demise. Vets never found that early-on. Hank gets infections in 1 ear; since I started cleaning his ears weekly there have been no issues. I sincerely hope you can resolve this, Mark. I'm of the belief that long, floppy ears act like vacuum cleaners. When I still hunted Hank, I inspected & cleaned his ears after every outing. I have used several different commercial cleaning solutions; I squirt-in the solution, massage the ear gently with my thumb & forefinger and then wipe-out with a soft (Viva) paper towel. I twist a corner of the towel and manipulate it down into the ear canal; the towel is far more absorbent than a swab and there is no potential to impart any damage like can be possible when using a Q-tip type swab.
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jesse clark

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We were always careful with the swab only cleaning the outer visible parts of the ear.
It seemed like my lovely would get plenty of tge ear solution in the ear and massage a lot and leave it. Just wiping off what would drain out, the dog loved it. Lol

Gary Thompson

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I have Golden Retrievers and have had the ear issues with them (the females esp.) also.
I use Oti-clens and keep the ears clipped.
I put the Oti-clens in the ear rub it around from the outside and let the dog shake her head to remove extra.
Use soaked cotton rag or balls to wipe out what you can see on the inside.
Maybe trying a lower protein count in her food?

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Wanted to circle back and say a profound THANK YOU! I ordered both products recommended but only got as far as using the Zymox because it brought complete relief after only 8-10 days of use as directed.
What a relief !!!
Now if I can just get her to stop with short retrieves.....
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Don't know if this is an issue with Springers, but with my Labs they have had ear mites which caused much head shaking and ear scratching. OTC medicines worked well, but in 2 of 3 it was a chronic problem which came back a few times a year. Vet had some high power medicine, but it did not seem to work any better than the OTC stuff.


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Mark, sent text to friend who I consider Jedi Master for Dogs. If he can, response will be likely from K9Trotters. He has solved a lot of problems for Pups. I value his thoughts and insight greatly. Very Best, Ed

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