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What are folks using for polychaetes?

I found Nick Clayton's Snot Dart video and that seem like a good pattern. However, it seems a lot smaller than a real polychaete. Has anyone tried tying them on 4xl hooks? The extra length seems like a good idea, but then a significant portion of the fly would be straight and not move naturally.

I also found some videos with complicated articulated flies. Funnily enough, I saw Nick comment on one of them. I imagine they move great in the water, but I prefer simple flies.



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There was a marine worm swap years ago.
You might be able to find the photos of them in the media gallery.
There were also some good discussing on marine worms that you can find via the search function.

I believe the snot dart was originally tied by Jim Kerr and has caught a lot of searuns for folks over the years.

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Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater....Know Grizzler
I saw a comment somewhere that it was originally tied on a longer hook. That was the reason for my question.

Not sure what hook it was originally tied on.
I bet if you drop Jim a quick email he can answer your question for you. He is a good guy and I bet he can help you.

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