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For a small hatchet its hard to beat an old Collins. My dad bought his at Sears some 50+ years ago. More recently I picked up a short Husqvarna axe that's very nice and reasonably priced, the handle length is just over 20".


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I like the little Japanese hatchet ( lower left).
But the balance takes getting used to.
KerryS showed a pic of a framing hatchet.
Brought back memories, swung one for a few years before nail guns fully took over.
Wish I knew what happened to that tool.


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Matt B

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I had a small one from Fiskars with a composite handle with a hidden knife in the bottom. It was okay. One night I stuck it in a piece of wood and hit the sack. I woke up the next morning and couldn’t find the thing. I poked the ashes and found a hatchet blade and a knife blade. Oh, drunk fishing buddies...

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