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Dave Westburg

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I ended my high lakes season on the lake near snoqualmie pass. We caught maybe a dozen cutthroat 7-12 inches in a couple hours until the wind and rain and cold pushed us off the lake. I fished an 8 foot Orvis impregnated bamboo rod (fitting for the weather), an intermediate line and a pair of wet flies (partridge and olive and cinnamon and gold). Had one cutthroat hit the dropper while my tail fly was snagged on a stump.
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That makes 17 high lakes this year. Saw perhaps a half dozen high lakes anglers all summer. No other float tubers.


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I fished a alpine lake in the greys river drainage of Wyoming one fall day. Man it was on and I caught one after the other. Rain turned to snow but I kept fishing. When I got outta my tube to go home I could barely get my key in the lock. Punch drunk Hypothermic... Still had a hour and half drive out in front of me. Scary shit and I learned to watch out when alone in isolated country

Dave Westburg

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Agree. We called it quits because our teeth were chattering and hands were numb. One drawback of the wilderness lite float tube is that you sit lower in the water so get colder faster.


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My son and his best friend hiked to a 7000+ lake yesterday then it rained all night. He is prepared and today is looking pretty good. He said the snow level supposed to 200 feet above them. The valley floor here is 3500. Did not see any snow on Hunt mountain this morning but fall is in the air. View attachment 39A2EFF7-E9D8-4C78-865C-C7DDA4C37F04.jpeg
This time of year if I fish a high lake it has to be a short hike so I can make it in with my fat cat.


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Somewhere i have a pic of me on an alpine lake in july of 1999. Snowing like its a blizzard. It only lasted about 5-8 minutes. The sunshine prevailed and all was good again.

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