Trip Report Yakima canyon and the small nymph game

Went out Thursday for a nice long float on the Yakima in the canyon. It rained the night before so there was a little bump and the water was a bit cloudy. Nada on dries. We didn’t even see too many rises. Tried some big October caddis pupa patterns and the fish ignored those. Went to some smaller nymphs and finally got some bites mid day. The morning was slow and the cold front moved in during the afternoon hours ... we still got some bites but they were spread out in comparison to mid day. Hopefully the October caddis action picks back up. I’m hoping for an epic day on dries, but can’t complain since we got some good trout on nymphs.

A633F61F-083B-47FB-8B57-C79047C79720.jpeg 90A56F13-7E8E-4CCC-9440-4ADA78C5F885.jpeg F85600B0-B00D-4B00-9EC7-5DEB98F207CF.jpeg C0628CFD-4EC1-43C6-B42E-C9922D56B8D7.jpeg

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