Simplified Fly Box Journey

John svah

Active Member
I'm down to one trout fly box. If I am fishing a dry 99% of the time it is a Wrights Royal. Oh and I fish it wet too. Emerging mayfly or caddis I use a PT soft hackle. Parachute Adams if it's kinda techy, then a PT thing with a CDC thorax and wing if it is really techy. A few little clousers and a few wee Dick Nite 'flies' if they are legal for the alpine. Don't fish nymphs much but when I do it's a PT. From there I try and match the size of the above flies to the bugs hatching. Other than that the only flies I use are ones that I find interesting from a fly tying perspective.
Oh I do have a wallet full of streamers if I feel like going that route, or am fishing a lake with special fly requirements (Eagle, Pyramid, Davis).

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