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Great morning in area 13. Started out hitting the beach at the Narrows and just didn’t see any activity. Moved on to a different beach and had a blast. Met a guy with a spin rod catching fish with what appeared to be a silver spoon. I switched from a deceiver to a peach Delia pattern with a little more flash that I tied during the week. Caught a bunch of small cutthroats and then it slowed down. Moved down the beach and started catching decent size fish.
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veni, vidi, fishi
That’s awesome! I might’ve even met you coming the other direction. I was (and always am) the tall guy in the shrimp pink hoody.

I started out at other places and ended up meeting some friends at the Narrows (ample parking, usually newbie friendly).

You definitely went the right direction/order of beaches. That wind was brutal.
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