FS Stolen Hatch and Sage reels


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Hi friends,

Someone just cleaned out my garage (live in Seattle - Queen Anne) and took all my fly reels. If you see my reels around, I'd appreciate a tip.

The most notable reels are:

Hatch Finatic 7 (silver with Red trim) strung with a green 9 weight floating line
Sage 4210 spool (red) with new Skagit Max Short on it
Also Sage 4260, (3) sage 1880s each strung with 8-weight Rio Outbound Short Floating or Intermediate, Sage 3880CF, Ross Reel 5/6 with 6 weight Rio Gold floater.

Also taken was:
Humminbird 899 ci HD SI head unit
Minn Kota Remote for trolling motor
West Marine handheld VHF
Chasing Dory underwater Drone https://www.chasing.com/chasing-dory.html

Thanks for taking a look!


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dude i hate that shit. had my car broken into this year and my spey rods and travel case was stolen. around 1000 in value. i was so mad


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My f-260 was broken into I'm my damn front yard a few yrs ago. I lost 1 of my steelhead godsend calcutta reel, a nikon f-2 with several lenses. My radio was after market so they argued bout that. Auto ins. said "good luck". I turned it into my home owners and was replaced full value. Now the damn ins. wants pics , number and a punk assed attitude. Good luck.........


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I took a look at that webpage for curiosity and was surprised to see that the majority of the latest posts are quite old, seems like this site is becoming defunct..?
I think that site was "becoming" defunct a couple of years ago...

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