Marshmallow Nymph as a tube fly


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Skewer brown-dyed mattress foam on a horizontal needle.
Slit the top front half of the body, almost down to the needle.
Use a toothpick to apply silicone seal to the slit.
Wax up a plastic tube with purple cross country ski wax.
Put silicone around the waxed plastic tube.
Press the tube into the slot.
Dimple the body blank with flat thread, whip finished at both ends.
Slide the body off the needle and set aside for an hour.

Now pull out the tube, leaving a soft flexible stonefly nymph with a silcone-molded tubular hole down the middle of the fly.

Sew some rubberlegs into the foam with a wide-eyed rubberleg needle.

Thread a snelled hook into the internal tube-shaped opening the nymph body.

Choose what ever bead you want. Knot the snell onto your leader and fish.

The first image is a rubberleg needle made from a 4" inch long "soft sculpture" needle. The second image is a cartoon illustrating the rubberleg stitch used to sew in the rubberlegs.


up-Marshmallow.jpg up-Marshmallow_2.jpg

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That's pretty cool, would make a good SRC fly for the salt, they'll eat anything :) That stinger hook should have good hook up rates.


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Cool idea.
In this shade, I would say calling it a Marshmallow Nymph is very kind. Cat Shit nymph would be more honestly descriptive. :D


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The article above explains but I didn't in the post. The main thing about this fly is that it is soft and squishy. Fish bite down and don't let go. I've had fish swim 50
feet with this fly in their mouths. Chewing as they go.

I'm working on a vid.

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