FS 50" Riverstick wading staff $$$price drop


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Hi Guys,

Thought I would give the Riverstick a try but after a few wading trips with it, I realize this is not the right staff for my needs. It is a 50" model with rubber feet and the grip style previous to what is being used at this time. It will come with the 'hammer' holster and extra rubber foot. It is in excellent condition and never used in salt. I bought it earlier this season and has been unused since the first few outings. $75.00 Dropping to 65$ Shipped to lower 48


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If I may ask ,whats the problem with it.
Nothing just not for me anymore. It is bombproof. Stable. Maybe it is a little on the heavy side but that also works in its favor when wading. I'm mostly now fishing from a pontoon. When I wade I generally don't need a wading staff.


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Was just curious ,I own that stick, there is no better on the market. Shouldn't have any problem selling it . Been many sold on here.

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