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Back in August I bought a used driftboat and trailer in MT, had the bearings serviced at LS in Stevinsville. Ran to the grocery store and noticed that one of the silicone caps was missing. Brought it back to them and they could not find the piece, so they installed bearing buddies free of charge. Put on less than 1000 miles between camping and my drive home to Bellingham, looked at the wheel and thought thats odd? What is all of that oil deposit on the wheel? Cracked hub. Called LS here in B’ham and explained I had just had it serviced, they took care of it no problem. Had to wait 3 weeks for the opposite side hub though.

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Not all Les Schwab shops are corporate owned, or at least they weren't years ago. Some of the shops were privately owned.
That was what I was just going to mention...My experience with a number of shops was great...One I went to seemed like a different company that absconded the Schwab masthead.
I've had nothing but positive experiences with Les Schwab. Their tire service can't be beat and the fact that there is usually a LS store in every small town around the NW has saved the day for me and my family on countless occasions and often times at no charge. Heck, they have even provided free flat repair on tires which were not bought from them. For this reason I continue to buy all my new tires from them and will continue to do so as long as the new owners don't screw 'em up.

Regarding their salesmanship of non-tire services such as brakes and others, I simply say "No Thanks" and have that stuff done at my normal service center. My only other concern is the ever increasing price of tires, but that is certainly not unique to Les Schwab.

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I had a flat with my SUV on a logging road and decided after 11 years (52K) it was time for new tires. Mrs Brian suggested LS that's right around the corner. I looked at their best "off pavement" tire and it is M+S rated load range 107 for $207 each, over $1K out the door.

I looked at Discount Tire and a similar highly-rated brand name tire with M+S plus 3-Peak rating, load range 111 was $122 each for $715 out the door. I had purchased my previous tires there and to my surprise had 8K left under the warranty so they gave me one tire free, out the door for $530.
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Never had any problems from LS. Either in Marysville or Dillon. Same with Butte.. Those damn tire sensors go bad just to many times to be worth anything. I usually just check my tires myself every once in a while.


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TPMS is BS. Always goes bad and the uninformed spend a fortune replacing them. I just bypass the warning light, checking tire pressure is sooo hard to do. LS has gotten all my tire $$ for 50 years. Peace of mind hunting/fishing in the NW states. Never used them for anything else.


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I only use Les Schwab for tires and beef. Go elsewhere for repairs. I grew up near the hard scrabble ranch lands where Les drove his trusty jeep. Good times.


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My LS experience: I head a flat and they were the only place around that had the time to do a repair. I was duly impressed that they didn’t charge me for the patch, even though I hadn’t purchased the tires through them. Somewhat less impressed that they lost my valve caps, but whatever...
Fast forward six months or so, and I get a flat on the same tire driving into work. Not their fault at all, of course, but I could absolutely not get several of the lug nuts loose with my crappy little OEM lug wrench. Actually had to call a tow truck, and the tow driver couldn’t read several of them free with his breaker bar. Had to get a tow back to Les’ and have them use a torque wrench to get the fockers to come off.
Most expensive tire patch ever.


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They're the only game in town for me. Way overpriced, but the convenience of them fixing all their stuff if it goes wrong is sometimes worth the extra money. I only do tires, though. Took it in a couple weeks ago to rotate tires and balance. Had them check the brake pads while they were there. They had just started to squeak a little. Told me I needed new pads AND rotors. Quoted me $1,700. When I was done laughing, I said I knew my rotors were fine, and the pads weren't THAT bad. They knew they were busted. He eventually admitted they hadn't even checked the rotors, and the pads were around 50%.


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I stopped using them long time ago. Friend had a flat elk hunting last year. Took it in. He stood outside the bay with a muddy flat and everyone working saw him. Nobody came to help. He wheeled the muddy tire into the store as he didn't know what to do at that point. This was in Ellensburg.


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No business is 100% perfect. They have a lot of good, hardworking people on staff so I hope the transition goes well.

That said, I can pile on here too and maybe the hedge fund dudes will get the memo that the speed limit isn't 55 anymore and will start stocking tires that don't feel like your on a bumpy road when you're cruising at 65 ;)


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I patronize LS because of their large number of stores, often located in remote areas (comes in handy when traveling to fishing destinations) and historically for their customer service. I have often taken tires not purchased there (for example from a used vehicle I purchased than needed repair) that they fixed for free. I do not like, however, their consistent message of trying to oversell parts that may not need to be replaced. I tried Costco a time or two. However, when coming out of Kelly Creek on a donut spare, it is nice to know you just have to get to Orofino to get it fixed, rather than driving all the way to Lewiston. There is some comfort in that.

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