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The schwab in WW on issacs has been the bomb for 30 years. Hope it stays that way. Many of the people have been there as long as I can remember.


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Schwab’s in both Davenport and Oroville provided save your ass top notch service within the last two weeks. Just like my Everett store...great folks.


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I vowed about 10-years ago to NEVER set foot in another Les Schwab after taking my wife’s car in for a rear wheel bearing job which ended up costing me a $1,000 rear differential repair a week later.

During the bearing install I witnessed the technician using a grinder and sledgehammer to remove and re-install the rear axel, when the rear diff went out they said they never used those tools. I submitted a complaint to corporate office in Bend for reimbursement of the $1K and they basically gave me the middle finger. Now I give them the middle finger every time I need tires, brakes or alignment. Eff them...


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Hard to find good auto service out there.

Even the "best" will cut corners to make their profit. Whether it be a service advisor not relaying critical info to a technician to aid a proper diagnosis, or a tech door dinging your car and not saying a word about it. You should almost always be leary who you let handle your vehicle these days.

Auto industry is one of the greatest scams of all times. From ripping you off with a brand new vehicle to ripping you off in service departments.


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That place sucks anyway. Chinese tires, poor work, and overselling unnecessary services and parts also made in China. Hard pass, they probably do great in California.


In the beginning LS was a hell of a great service facility ... basically for tires... but when they started replacing other components they had a tendency to upsell what wasn't always required.

Many time, our techs would end up inspecting a vehicle for a problem with shocks, brakes, etc., that the owner claimed LS told them they needed. We found that the repairs were not needed at all. The owner only brought the vehicle to use after the LS visit because the vehicle was still under warranty. Who knows what the owner would have done if the vehicle was out of warranty?

Most likely, end up paying for repairs they didn't need.

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Many time, our techs would end up inspecting a vehicle for a problem with shocks, brakes, etc., that the owner claimed LS told them they needed. We found that the repairs were not needed at all.
Two weeks after I got out of the USAF (actually while still on 30 days "terminal leave") I went to work for Texas Instruments' Computer Systems Division as a "mini-computer" Field Service Engineer. Over 95% of my clients were covered under nationwide reseller contracts. My personal goals were to get a Client back up and running as quickly as possible (downtime=$$$$ to Clients), that they were satisfied with the result, and keeping costs as low as possible for my employer and the Client. I almost never had to worry about (up)selling equipment, parts, labor, or service contracts. My performance was rated on fixing problems the first time on-site, that there were no reoccurrences of problems (even other problems on other equipment I hadn't worked on) within 30 days (recalls), the number of calls I could complete (including problems fixed over the phone without a site visit and no recalls), and Client Satisfaction surveys.

13 years later TI sold its CSD and I found myself working in the computer service department of a local "office systems" reseller. A major component of my performance reviews was (up)selling parts, services, and service contracts. I hated that job.

After two years I found an in-house operations position in a multi-state company's IT division where the goals were more like they were at TI. I was able to retire after 23 years there.

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