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Heading over to the Yakima Canyon for a few days next week. Does anyone know whether or not campfires are currently allowed at the BLM campgrounds (Big Pine). Don't want haul a bunch of fire wood over there just to haul it back. Thanks.
Enjoy the fishing and camping Steve. I've been down in OR the past couple of weeks fishing a few different and new to me rivers...or at least those sections of them....and the fire ban is in effect there too. Those propane fire pits are one of my next purchases! Along with increased solar capacity for faster recovery and an inverter for a 110V source while dry camping.

Jim Travers

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I use that in No campfire zones.

Either people freak out and come charging into our site yelling like a banshee and are sent away with a lesson in camping.
Or they come and ask if they hang out with us. Same results....they are sent away with a lesson in camping.

It really helps extend the nite life and the ambience.

I'm always lookin' to ne the main source of night life culture in a 'ground. In a campground. Key is to burn big to ESTABLISH AN AUTHORITATIVE PRESENCE in the 'ground. In the campground. Everyone there should be 'ware of your presence. Loud shouting!! 8 foot flames till 3am!!! If you can't run with the BIG DOGS then get in your tent!! Im a BIG DOG!!!

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