T Mathews Z7 for combo rod/reel


I have a Mathews z7 Extreme Tactical that I picked up along my buy/sell/trade endeavors and found out I’m not much of an archery guy (Plus my wife says I have too many hobbies). Anyways it’s ready to hunt/shoot right now and I’m looking to trade it off for some fly fishing gear.
What I will be interested in trade it in for:
-Rod/reel combos, really interested in a trout Spey kit. It also needs to be “turn-key”. My bow will come with everything so your combo should too.
-Simms waders
-Complete fly tying vise (regal,griffin,renzetti) + cash on your end
-boom sticks

I will entertain other offers, most I can say is no. Let me know what you got and if you’re interested I’ll shoot you specs of the bow and more pics if requested. The bow also had new string and cables put on at Spokane Valley Archery.


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what’s the draw length range and what is it currently set up at? Is it 80% let off?
Thanks, Andy


It’s at 28/70# back to factory spec, I’m not sure the range on it, it’s at 80% as well. I haven’t shot it since I put the new string/cables on it so they’re are brand new.

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