Crabbing while fishing from the beach?


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That would work, but consider just tying it to your boots.
The last time I was out in MA 9 I had keeper crabs walking right up to me and hiding behind my boots.
Did you spill some of your herring or shrimp scent into the water or get it on your waders?


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Did you spill some of your herring or shrimp scent into the water or get it on your waders?

Weird deal. It was after the closure on 9/7 this year.
It was like they knew there was going to be a gap in between the summer and winter seasons.
I was finding them half buried in the sand and had three legals Including one jumbo walk right up to my boots and hang out.
Myself and others have in the past had some coho we’ve bonked in a Costco garbage bag tied to my waist that are bleeding out that have attracted crabs from down current.

The best though was having a stinky ass shad staked to the bottom. We were getting the attention of a bunch of crab when a 3’ dogfish came and joined the party in 2’ of water.
After repeated efforts to fend it off it ended up with a shad dinner.
That is what I love about the sound. You never know what you will encounter.

Steve Saville

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The videos were pretty cool. I've had two of the store bought kind for several years and never had much success. I always used a light rope and let it soak for a while. That's probably why I never had success. Problem is, the commercial crabbers get to fish first and I've seen as many as 60 pots out in front of my place before the recreational season opens. By that time, there isn't a crab in sight.


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They are very common on ocean beaches. Back in August I spent an afternoon fly fishing for surfperch. Crabs were everywhere. I even caught (lined) a dozen or so dungies. About half were clearly legal-sized. Unfortunately all were females. Caught 3 decent sized redtails so at least didn't go home empty handed.
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Just seems like the next step for the unscrupulous “crabber” is a can of corn lobbed out there just below low tide.

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