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Titanic trout caught on ‘slow day’ in Snake River breaks Idaho record, officials say​

By Maddie Capron
October 02, 2020 02:25 PM

Nate Burr of Rexburg, Idaho, hoists at 31-inch Yellowstone cutthroat trout from the Snake River. Idaho Department of Fish and Game
A Rexburg man set an Idaho record by reeling in a massive Yellowstone cutthroat trout on what he called “a brutally slow day.”
Nate Burr caught the 31-inch trout while fly fishing the Snake River for three days, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game said in a Friday news release. He and another angler were looking for big trout, but they had little success. Their luck turned around just as the trip was about to end.
“It was one of those brutally slow days,” Burr said in the news release. “Hunting big trout on streamers means a day on the water can go from zero to 100 in a split second. That was exactly the case with this fish.”
Burr chased the trout for almost half a mile downstream, Fish and Game said. The fish was so big, they had to use a landing net to scoop it from the water.
Tour an Idaho fish hatchery
The Sawtooth Fish Hatchery near Stanley raises salmon to compensate for those lost due to the construction and use of four Lower Snake River dams. By Ali Rizvi and Yuqing Zhu
“After taking a quick photo and reviving the fish, Burr released the huge trout back into the Snake River, securing his name in the record books,” Fish and Game said. “Yellowstone cutthroat trout over 30 inches are exceedingly rare — especially in river systems where they do not grow as quickly as in large lakes.”
The 31-inch fish “just barely” edged the previous Yellowstone cutthroat trout record set by Sam Hix in August, Fish and Game said.


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Big fish, for sure. I'm not going to try playing the guessing game about its size. Who can tell from a long-arm-hero-shot like this? Certainly not me.

Serious question though- the article states that this is an ID state record but doesn't say they measured the fish before release. It must take more than a cell phone pic to establish an official record. Sloppy reporting, lax record standards, alternative facts?

Jim Travers

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Here's the deal: that thing is 14 inches. Can't be bigger!!! Don't matter what them records say, look I KNOW. I HAVE final say. Period! look if it was ME out there then you're liable to start seein' numbers north of 30 but not this guy! That's 12 inches!!!
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That's a great fish, but if we assume his left index finger is 1/2" (its likely less) that's a 26" fish.

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