31 inch Cutt


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I used to fish with a guy that was 6'-11" He made every fish he held up look small.

Using the exposed left index finger won't work. It's not pointing straight up, but slightly at the camera which will skew the measurement.


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25CC3B88-D2A7-4F88-8751-B680752720D2.jpeg 31027F8A-5862-434E-BB34-A78496AC576E.jpeg
Here is a cutthroat that was taped at 28.” I am 6’4” 260 lbs and also engaging in a long arm pose. The angle I am holding the fish is a little different than the record Yellowstone cutthroat. I have fished for Yellowstone cutthroat extensively and would say that his fish is much more remarkable than mine. Note: This picture was taken several years ago, I don’t lift fish from the water like this anymore.


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What a great fish! I'm giving him credit at 31". If my old man memory serves, one of our forum members caught a huge cutthroat on a tributary to the Upper Columbia, huh, Sue?
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Look at the size of his finger in relation to his nostrils. I pick my nose all the time and that dude has huge fingers. His girl probably loves em


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There was a news article with a link to an Instagram account that had a picture of the tape on just the head of the fish showing it was 31”. Obviously you can’t see the full fish there. There is also a net in one picture that could be used for reference.

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