New fish passage OPENS for Lahontan Cutthroat in Nevada on Truckee River


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Been watching and hoping for this for decades-good news for a historic fish!!

Construction is in full swing (edit: OPEN) on a $34-million fish screen at Derby Dam, 21 miles east of Sparks, Nevada, on the Truckee River. The screen is the final piece in a major fish passage project to restore habitat connectivity for native fish species. The overall project has three components (1) an upstream fish passage channel on the north side (river left bank) of Derby Dam that was completed in 2003, (2) automation of two Derby Dam River gates to maintain suitable fish passage channel water velocities which were completed in 2019, and (3) a screen on the Truckee Canal to allow for entrained fish to safely return to the Truckee River.


Ryan Janos

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Thanks for sharing this. I've been looking forward to my next trip to Pyramid (Feb. if I'm lucky) and I'll have to check this out on the drive over. We're finally getting some rain in CA this weekend so maybe the Truckee will rise enough to make this useful in the spring!

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