Cutties, Bows, and Brookies...oh my!


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Last week I took a spur of the moment trip to the ranch. A call to @IveofIone had him packing and hitting the road to meet up. The plan was to fish some local lakes that we hadn't done in a while with the heat, smoke and all. When Ive arrived we quickly wadered up and headed to a close by water. In late spring I had found some willing rainbows there. It wasn't too long and we were into fish, strong fighting fish, dime bright. Ive even called the spot by the porta-potty that would hold a fish, he was right. We searched both north and south banks and found several nice fish that were more than willing to take to the air. I got a front row seat to one of the arial displays that erupted on Ive's left side just feet away from him. I'd pay good money to have that on video. When the bite wore off we headed for the house and some pizza dough that Ive started earlier in the day. The final result was amazing and we ate it all. Fontina cheese was the secret according to Ive.





The next day we would be targeting Lahontan Cutthroat. Ive got the jump on me and headed to the usual hotspot. I lingered in "turtle cove" and landed my first two fish in the net. Subtle takes were the norm for most of the day but once on the hook they let you know what was going on. Some were deeply colored and others were bright and sparsely spotted. A few barely fit in our nets, possibly ranging from 16 to 20 plus inches. The flies that worked were Thin Mints, Leeches, and anything bushy with lots of movement. I hit a dry spell for a while but Ive kept hauling them in. Dinner that night was sous vide steaks, baked potatoes, salad and garlic toast...chased with a fruity red.




Day Three took us to another lake for rainbows and the hopes of a brown. Hopes were all we had for that. But, the bows proved worthy opponents for sure. Dinner that night was spaghetti in a meat sauce and salad, sorry no pics...just fish.




View attachment LQGK8672.mp4

The last day Brookies were on the list. The lake was a bust the last time I was there. I was hoping for better results...well, the usual spots were dead. Only on are in the lake produced and takes. Ive used a variety of setups and did well with wet and dry flies. One halfback on a floating line landed him an 18 inch deep bellied brookie. Several of the fish were in deep autumn colors, beautiful! Dinner our last night was at the Pastime Brewery with beef sandwiches and ales.



All too soon our time together was over and Ive headed home. But it was time well spent with plenty of adventure, good fishing, conversation and food.


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Very nice trip report Rick! Glad you and Ive got time together for a mini fling!

great photos of beautiful fish and fine dining


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Roper, it was a splendid visit and a great time. In the almost 15 years we have been fishing together it was probably the most productive 4 days we ever had. Add to that the weather was perfect and we only saw one other fisherman the whole time we were out. We caught big fish in every lake and lots of them and on average they seemed bigger than usual. As usual the hospitality was legendary and the help with the flat tire was a blessing.

Leaving early Friday morning I drove south and went about 120 miles out of my way to fish a little zipper lips lake that I had never fished before. The intel I had indicated that the lake was full of 11-13'' fish but lots of them. Not expecting too much I went out with just a 3wt and a Type3 line tipped with a #14 Halfback, my typical searching pattern. The first fish turned out to be a robust 16'' fish that fought much bigger than it was and I was pleased that it was such a quality fish. On the next cast I hooked a 21'' Old Growth Veteran that gave the 3wt a serious workout. So much for the small fish. I caught several more in the 15-16'' range before the week caught up with me. After almost 600 miles of driving, kicking or rowing for miles and wrestling several dozen big fish I had to give up and resort to some Back and Body aspirin. It was all worth the effort though and I'll be back in action early Tuesday morning.

Don Shearer

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Gentlemen that is a great report. Thank you for sharing. You all make retirement seem like something very much to look forward to.

My best,



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So awesome! Thanks for posting, you've inspired me to take a weekend off from kayak/trolling/salmonskunking and go back trout!

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