Very Frustrating!


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A near by lake that produced well this past spring is now dominated by bass. I have nothing against bass and enjoy catching them. Nevertheless, this particular lake has always been managed for trout.

When the surface temps got to warm in June, I had anticipated even greater fishing for larger fish in the fall. Fall is finally here, water temps in this particular lake was 62 degrees and a very pleasant nip in the air. Well, then came two bass and one large trout. In addition, a few feeble strikes that I now suspect were smaller bass.

I now suspect rotenone and the usual two year wait for decent fishing if it does materialize!


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If perch and bluegill populations aren't an issue it would be a shame to poison it, assuming there is no interference with native species.

Time to make lemonade. Largemouth + Pelletheads = Big Bass. The large trout will be ok.

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