Legal Challenge to Co Management Sharing


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I've been reading this book lately.

The Co Management approach requires all the stakeholders to be both objective and self restrained in their management of the salmon resource/their livelihood. Due to the competitive side of human nature, neither side is or ever will be capable of doing anything but unintentionally expanding the fish farming industry.

Personally, I doubt if I would/could be my best self if thrown into this arena. It's an awful situation.



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It is Pumpkin Spice season, where's the holiday spirit?

That sounds like a prison sentence to me. Anyone who supports Starbucks supports the biggest Ahole in Seattle sports history. Getting paralyzed In a car wreck would be too good for schulz. Fishing trips when I'm driving and someone says pull over at the starfucks gets dropped off and drinks their coffee outside of my truck.
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