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After upgrading last week to ver 2.2 I'm still implimenting some of it's new features. Things are far enough along to note some of the bullet points.

Thread Types: Discussion, Poll, Article & Question.
  • Discussion and Polls you know.
  • Article. (I've set this thread as an article) If the OP selects the thread to be an "article" then the first post is the article and will be displayed above all replies on each page. I have a few threads that need to be converted over to articles for reference.
    • Please, if you're just sharing a link to an article elsewhere do NOT share that link as an article here.
    • I'll be changing the trip reports forum to be an article forum. Most of those reports are straight up articles.
  • Question. If the OP sets their thread as a question, their first post is the question and replies can be considered the answers and can be ranked.
    • Like acticles, the question is priority and is displayed at the top, even if the thread has multiple pages.
    • Enables the group to upvote or downvote answers, helping with the signal to noise ratio.
    • The original poster has the option to mark the post that answered the question for them, allowing it to become the solution. The solution set by the OP is then included with the question displayed at the top of every page. The 2nd screenshot above shows the result.
    • Solutions are tracked and displayed for merit.
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