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Hi, guys! I am getting back into fly fishing after a multi-year hiatus. In late summer of 2019, I broke my left kneecap for the second time (the first was while halibut fishing in Alaska). The first time was a lengthwise break (a good one) and the second was horizontal (bad break). As a result, along with two stays in cardio ICU, I am forced to give up my hunting, hence my return to fly fishing. Was on my back and in rehab since then, not that COVID has helped.

As a result, I am looking to TRADE some of my hunting gear for fishing gear. I am not really interested in selling any of it nor trading/selling it piecemeal. If I must, I will but only after receiving all offers for a one-time trade. All in new or near new condition: Total value is estimated at ~ $600.00. No guns at this time.

Graphite Rods and reels: I am pretty well covered from 3wt to 8 wt. Light on both ends of the spectrum.

Bamboo rods and reels: Pretty well covered in 5-6wts.

I do fly tie.

Each party to cover their own shipping. FTF in Wenatchee or close by. Thanks for looking!

Items for trade:

Item Size Brand Retail Cost

Orange Hunting Vest 2Xl Primos $70.00

Orange Hunting Vest 3Xl Primos $70.00

Orange fanny pack ---- --------- $8.00

Stocking foot waders L Hodgman $100.00

Hunting Hat (bush hat) L or XL ------------ $14.00

(4) Dog whistles ---- ---------- $28.00

Fleece Wader Liners M-Long (Bib type) $40-$50

Duffle bags ------ USGI Issue $80.00

Brush pants 4XL ----- $60.00

Breathable Camo coat 3XL Walls $50-$100

Blaze hunting shirt 3XL Gamehyde $40.00

Hunting shirt 4XL Tiger Hill $60.00


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No interest, so I guess I'll pack it up for a garage sale.

Bought a new 'boo rod, so I'm in no hurry!

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