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I had a great time this summer taking my girls camping, rafting, etc but after logging ~16 days of full-bore Dad time and giving my wife a break, I've got the green light to take off by myself for a few days of fishing by myself.

I've reached out to at least one person via PM, but I figure I may as well cast a wide net since I've got to make a decision fairly soon. I'll mis-spell the names to foil the Google-bots, but the place I'm talking about should be pretty obvious to anyone who knows the area. Might be silly, but will hopefully allay some of the fears about hotspotting, etc. I've got a very rare stretch of free time from 10-19/10-24 and since BC is closed I've made plans to head for the Blande-Blonde to get my annual steelhead trip in, but I'm having a hard time settling on which stretch to run.

In terms of camping and solitude, the stretch from Minami to Powatkahontas (upper stretch) seems like the clear winner, but I'm getting the sense that steelhead will be relatively sparse in that stretch of water even in mid-October, though the trout fishing could be reasonably good. Troyota-to-Hellena (lower stretch) seems like it'll be more likely to have a greater abundance of fish, but it'll clearly get many times more pressure, be roadside for much of the way, and it sounds like all of the good camps are likely to be occupied by permanent guide-camps.

I'll be going "backpacker light" on a frameless pontoon boat, fishing from dawn until darkness, and will be sleeping outside on a cot if conditions allow so I won't need a big, luxurious campsite. Just a place bit enough to sit on my boat and eat a quick meal, plunk down a cot, and crash in a bivy, or at worst, set up a megamid if conditions warrant that. If you had to choose between these two trips, and connecting with a steelhead was a primary - but not the only - consideration, which one would you choose?

Very grateful for PM's or messages out in the open.
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Thanks for the input! Now it's all about putting in the hours and seeing what happens.....


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On the same topic.....for those on foot who want to get away, I have hiked up from mild-cat bridge, but I've never been lower in the system. Can one hike downstream on the banks from gogans? I have on x for oregon, but not WA is that problematic, private land, cliffs? I can't really tell on google earth. I suspect crossing in tailouts is out at 1k flows +......

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