Chocolate Water on the Klickitat


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8-10" visibility made this tough fishing this past week. Low boat counts from Stimson to Slide. My pal Steffan Piccone managed to bring 3 to the net. I got my butt kicked on a huge King that outmatched me on a SAGE One 8 wt. I could not turn the fish and finally tried to horse it in. Size 14 mm. Red beads was the magic fly fishing with a 9 ft. Rig. Fish in the river but you have to be on your game too. That's why they call it fishing!


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Damn, that's darker than when we were there.
We were there last Thursday-Saturday. Floated Leidl to Stinson on thurs, Summit to Leidl Friday & Saturday and only got 1. My buddy went for 1 for 2. Hatchery brat so we bonked it and had fresh steel for dinner. He caught it swinging. I was 0-fer.
He fished beads and nymphs out of the boat a little bit, but we mostly swung. The water was actually pretty good on Saturday. Would like to hit it again when it's a bit more clear.


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Sounds like everyone fished upper sections that are boat accessible only. I haven’t taken the drift boat out there yet. Any obstructions in the river to be aware of? I recall this year reports a log across the river somewhere between Stinson and the slide.

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