Dash Point and Fox Island

I got a late start. My first choice was Brown's point but a new gate was being installed. I think this is a good thing. I was told that it will be like the dash point automated gate, open at 6 and closed at 10. The old gate was at the leisure of a live body.

Dash point, 5 minutes north, was the first stop. Two fly guys, who were regulars, were just on their way out. No action for them or a gagle full jigging on the pier. Yesterday was a good day for pinks or at least they say.

On to the Fox Island fishing pier at the tide change. Things looked good. Lots of bait and visable fish from the pier. I have never fished there before so everything was new. I like the spot a lot. The park is nice with all the comforts of home. It costs $1 to park.

A gear guy caught 2 nice resident silvers on herring. They were unclipped so he let them go. My first two casts hooked up with two small silvers. After that the fish were there but not for me. I'll be back.

We both left together. At the parking lot we met the game wardens. Two young blond chicks all decked out in their uniforms. One seemd nice but the younger one had a cob up up her ass about something. She seemed pissed that she met us in the parking lot instead of the beach. We both wished her a nice day. She told us we would see her agian.

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